Identification may be a burden we all carry since we are born. Who you are, what you are, your ethnicity, nationality, gender. job title. By all those, we try to identify ourselves. Even beyond that, we try to identify ourselves by what we think we are.

But who are we? Do we know? 

The question should rather be, “Do we need to know?”

As soon as we identify ourselves in someway, I feel  we are putting  a huge limitation to our ability and all the possibilities we have.

“Because I’m young… because I’m old.. because this and because that..”

Are we all what we think we are?

If we get to know we don’t know, then the possibility will be endless.

The art expresses something deep.

That place we call “deep” should be somewhere within us that we don’t even know what is in there.

To access that part of us, we should start with the fact that we don’t know us That is why identification may be a burden, and No ID is good!

This is how I came up with the new trio album, “NO ID”.

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