After spending time in the U.S. for 15 years,Yuki settled back in Japan and focused on the piano trio format. He recorded “Tell Me Where The Music Is”, which expressed his musical artistry through his original compositions. As Yuki Arimasa Trio continues to broaden the possibilities in trio format, the desire to explore music further in even smaller format as in piano solo and duet grew and in the past several years, he had number of piano solo and duo appearances in the concerts and club gigs. In 2011 the solo album “Forest” was released, which consists of his original compositions, followed by “Vol. One”, the duet album with Tomonao Hara, as the first release of Duo Project. This project continued to another duo album, “The Days of Wine and Roses”. Recently he released the second solo album, “Dimensions”, which he utilized the classical compositions to enhance the possibilities in improvised music.Along with those projects, he continues to perform with many players with highest musical passion around Tokyo area. Most recently he focuses on yet another project of a trio without bass.The band named “TrioSamadhi” was formed by Yuki, Hisatsugu Suzuki (Tenor Sax) and his his long time musical colleague Dairiki Hara (Drums).  Currently TrioSamadhi has been consistently making club dates throughout Japan to explore the new style in free expression in Jazz music. Yuki started Jazz music self-taught as when he first listened to Jazz at the age of 10, he found nobody around to learn from. As his passion grows he went to Berklee College of Music to receive formal training in Jazz. In Berklee he met much respected classical pianist/teacher Edward C. Bedner whose piano education still has strong influence in his piano playing. With Ed Bedners’ direction Yuki almost relearned the piano and developed some classical repertoire. After graduating he taught Jazz Piano at Berklee for 8 years. This experience of teaching students from all over the world gave him a perspective in Jazz education, which he continues to carry into his current activities in musical education in Senzoku College of Music as a professor in Jazz. He has also actively involved in Elementary School Jazz Education Program. Yuki now performs his music and conducts many workshops for Jazz fans and young musicians throughout Japan as well as many foreign countries. In 2016, he founded, “Artist Green“, an organization to become a communicational, educational platform for musicians from all over the world.

As a leader of Artist Green, he has been performing a role of musical director for the annual educational Jazz Festival, “Wa Meets Jazz”, gave workshops in Manila, Taipei, worked as a judge for the Jazz Competition at Montoruex Jazz in Kawasaki, Singapore International Jazz Battle.