New Solo Album, "Dimensions"

New Solo Album, Dimensions has been released. This album contains the free improvisation based on the classical tunes that I have long been accustomed to. It was a pure pleasure to witness the new dimensions of those pieces that has come out of improvisation. I hope I can share this music with you!! It is available for download from e-onkyo for high resolution, , iTunes Music Store, Amazon MP3, Google Play for MP3.   Jacket

Click here for the listening samples!

a new trio, "TrioSamadhi"

I feel the lack of the bass gives us more space for the diferrent creativity. I will be working with this trio, along with my regular piano trio. Hisatsugu Suzuki: Ten Sax Yuki Arimasa:Pno Dairiki Hara:Drums

Gone With The Wind